Greetings, Students!!!!!

And Welcome......welcome.....hello ..... Simmer down now .....In case you've never heard of me {which is hard to believe, at this point} .....*I* am your school Guidance Counselor, Mr. Parenthesis, and I am here to help you navigate { among other things} this rather complicated and over-worked Links Page..... whether you need help or not { and you probably will}

Firstly {but not lastly } we'd like to direct you to some of the many fine Hercules sites that are out there, dotting the Web and waiting for your scholarly perusal. That is, assuming you're not COMPLETELY fed up with the subject by now........I would'nt be surprised if you were {I know *I* am}

Secondly { and just as important} we offer a fine selection of Webpage Links to the sites of our overworked and underpaid { if I may call them }Manifesting Muses - who were recompensed with Herc tapes { not nearly enough, if you ask me } and the promise that they could strut their stuff upon our cyberstage, as it were. So do be a good egg and go sign their Guestbooks { it makes them feel loved.}

Thirdly, we have a few Links belonging to our characters..... {well, assuming our characters had access to the Internet in pre-Christian times.......which they certainly Did'nt but throw me a bone here } So if you want to get totally lost in Cyberspace {I wouldn't recommend it} chasing after the same sorts of unhealthy interests that captivate these personages - well, be my guest {but I take no responsibility}. Good Luck - and Good Bye {it was lovely knowing you}.....may Zeus have pity on your soul.

{Oh ........and by the way- we do have banners if you are in a linking frame of mind...."




" well as little guardian sprites to protect your webpages from harm.{ Not a guarantee }"


Hercules Villa

Deramis { our resident Megara Maniac} has created this great little site celebrating the only Disney female snottier than Cassandra { and that's pretty darn snotty, Honey!! }Lots of stuff on Herc and Hades too!!!!











"We gave the laptop with the wireless Internet connection {I'm sure I don't have to explain why we had to use wireless} to a few of our students {of the more adventurous variety, as proven by their records}. Cassandra insisted that the Internet is a passing fad that will { eventually} be invented by a politician, and she would have nothing to do with it. {That wasn't precisely how she put it, but that captures the essence.} Young Hercules was pretty much clueless {a not-unfamiliar state with him}, but he Has managed to come up with some interesting places to visit {as well as destroy several keyboards.} Icarus has taken to the Internet like a duck to water. {Why are we not surprised?} He found that putting the word "idiotic" into a search engine gave him plenty of interesting sites to visit and engaging him happily for hours.Luckily for all of us, Hades appeared in a puff of soot {which I had to sweep up later} before Icarus could do irreparable damage to the microchip's IQ, and he commandeered the laptop {one can't argue with a god, really, so I let him take it} to the Underworld for a tour. He returned it to us only slightly singed, with his Favorites marked in red {don't ask.}"


Hercule's Favorite Links your guide to the gods

The single best website in the world to research Greek every Other deity in the world that has a franchise here. {Which is all of 'em, Honey} Actually written, by happy co-incidence, in a very Herkish style, so it's extremely funny, not to mention unbelievably thorough. Will keep you occupied for hours.

Greek Mythology Heroes

another great place for getting the facts straight after you've finished looking at *our* site

.....and don't forget......The Fabulous Myth Man!!!!!...yes, *another* remarkably well written, concise, fun and extensive page to discover mythology

A Roman Numeral Numerator!!!

{ For all your Roman Numerating Numeral Needs }

Stop arguments now!!! figure out just what year that 63 year old movie was made!!! check it out!!!

...and yet more good sites to get the real skinny on the Greek and Roman Myths


A cool group of recreationists for those who would join the Roman Army

{'s Roman but that's OK, we can cheat 'cause Hercules the hero was big in ancient Rome as well }


....a very cool online store offering beautiful ancient statue repros and *tons* of other interesting stuff


Ya like Herc quotes???....We found Herc quotes on IMBD......


........a fabulous site for Disney clip art, Herc and otherwise.....



Icarus'es Favorite Links



The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything


And now.... for something Completely different....The Dancing Pan.....You Gotta see this!!!....we only wish there was more to it, but it's too perfect not to link to a Herc site!!!


Hades' Favorite Links

"Pain!! Panic!!! Get Iger on the phone!! I need a new mouse....the ball's worn out!

Find A Grave

{See Grandma again!!!!!}


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