"What's the score? WE'RE.... LOSING!!!!!! YOU AND ME - LOSERS!!!!!!!!


Poor Icarus! He has....... issues..... He's the legendary boy with the wax wings who flew too close to the sun, permanently frying his hair ....and his brains. Well, that's the official story, anyway, but it's not the only reason for his, er....... distinctive... personality.


His father is Daedalus, the famous crackpot inventor described as having the "most unique mind in all of Greece." His parents are divorced ........and he's a latchkey kid with apparently WAY too much free time on his hands. He 's insanely in love with Cassandra, who, at least on the surface, does not appear to return his feelings {they gotta kind of mongoose/cobra thing going} and the six or seven thousand concussions he's gotten from crashing can't have helped matters much. He's a cheerfully obnoxious, undergrown runty little guy, a natural target for bullies like Adonis to push around, and the most unpopular kid in school. Even his teachers can't stand him.

But for all his problems, Icarus remains amazingly philosophical. He's the court jester of the trio, the wise little fool who generally comes up with the truest - and funniest - remarks, remarks that go over most people's heads. {"Maturity.....perhaps the greatest Foe.. of all".....} Except, of course, for Hercules, {and maybe Cassandra! }who are the only two people at Pro Ac that recognize what a decent true loyal friend Icarus is, and how kind a heart he has. Which is good .....cause "Ickie" comes up with some of the craziest ideas in the series. He's ready for any adventure, no matter what - he's a risk taker, a thrill junkie {you just know he runs with scissors}, and he rarely takes the time to think things through. Again and again Herc comes to his rescue, whether it's saving him from monsters or his own chariot -crash personality. Ick, in turn, idolizes his best pal and sticks by him through thick and thin. And, despite the fact that his creators insist his advice generally comes in two flavors, "Wrong" and "Dangerously Wrong," he nevertheless often helps save the day - even if it's in a lefthanded, backdoor accidental kind of manner.............

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French Stewart, on being Icarus:

"I'm not the most subtle actor on the planet. And these voiceover sessions are like offering me license to kill. Once I get started, I try and tone things down a little bit, but I always end up blowing the top of my head off. I feel sorry for the sound engineers - I can see them pulling on their headphones when I go off the charts."

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Milton French Stewart IV.....a name, he says, guaranteed to get you beat up on any playground in North America- was born on Feb 20, 1964 in Albequerque New Mexico. He graduated highschool and went on to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts after which he toured extensively winning glowing reviews and awards with the American Shakespeare Company. He got his SAG card by wearing a Yogi Bear costume at a traveling carnival {was fired for constantly pulling the head off and scaring the kiddies} and turned down a scholarship to clown college {"Their football team sucked"} His first big TV break was as an obnoxious disc jockey on The New WKRP in Cincinatti {Gee, that must have been a stretch} and he went on to land guest shots on News Radio, Just Shoot Me, Mad TV, Charmed, and Seinfeld. His movie credits include Mchale's Navy, Love Stinks, Murder at the Cannes Film Festival, Star Gate {and, for kids} Magic Island and Cinder Elmo-a Sesame Street version of Cinderella that I personally sat through 3 times just to see him...... French, you owe me. Of course Mr. Stewart is best known for playing the role of Harry Solomon, the gently befuddled alien on NBC's Third Rock From the Sun for 5 years and he was the good/bad guy in Clockstoppers, playing a weirdly incompetant inventor with a penchant for getting into trouble. He starred as the famously well meaning but dangerous detective in Disney's Inspector Gadget 2 for which they even had toys at McDonald's { Hey!!! he's an action figure!!!!!}

French does frequent voiceover work on TV and animation and in addition to providing the personality of the irrepressibly adorable Icarus he starred as "Bob" in the disasterously ill- fated, short run {but very clever} NBC cartoon series Bob the Devil and God. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and adopted step-son. Keep an eye out for his new comedy sitcom "Misconceptions" starring Herc's own Athena, Jane Leeves.

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Icarus image copyright Walt Disney Corporation- inking by Tracey Pierce

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