"Life got fair? Why wasn't I told?!"

Rounding out the school trio is Cassandra, the practical female of the group whose mature counterpoint waters down all that gonzo testosterone. Her character is based on the legendary seer who was cursed with the gift of prophecy ....to see only the tragedy that lay ahead, and of course have no one ever believe her.
Morbid and cynical, Cassandra wears her outsider status as a badge of honor and steadfastly refuses to join the mainstream. She hates Home Greconomics, cheerleaders, jocks, phonies and Homecoming Queens. Her characteristic defensive pose is standing with her arms folded while she delivers her ascerbicly barbed remarks which few people pay attention to. Pale and lanky, Cass is resigned to her depressing fate but you get the feeling that having Herc around as a friend has cheered her up a bit and given her something to believe in. As the only girl on campus to take Herc seriously, she has a sense of mission with him. Aside from Icarus she's the only student to have faith in what most people view as a wonky hero quest. For all of Herc's immature clumsy naivete she knows a winner when she sees one. {It's just gonna take awhile, that's all.}

          And Icarus? To Cassandra..... Icarus is something like a human carwreck .....you know you shouldn't look...... you're afraid of what you might see.... but you slow down and gaze in morbid fascination anyway. Hopelessly, helplessly, insanely in love, Icarus follows her around like a devoted puppy, calmly absorbing her putdowns and insults with oblivious charm. No one knows exactly why Cass has adopted him, and no one can figure out their relationship which bounces around between earnest affection and blatant hostility. But somehow, for some reason, they always wind up hanging out at the same time in the same place together, as though stuck with one another. Face it, who else would put up with them?


Sandra Bernhard and friends


Icarus'es thorny rose-aka Sanda Bernhard- was born in Flint, Michigan on June 6 1955, the daughter of a proctologist and an abstract painter. The actress /comedianne began honing her edgy comedic skills doing standup routines at the young age of 19. While barely in her 20's she moved to Hollywood where she had no trouble landing gigs at local comedy clubs. Her first real professional experiance came when she landed a spot on the Richard Pryor Show-and when that was cut short she headed back to the clubs where growing audiences returned week after week to laugh at her controversial monologues on sex and spirituality. Bernard became something of a professional celebrity-a critic's darling praised for her ferocious deliveries on pop culture and her skewed sense of realism. Her first big film break came playing a deranged fan in The King of Comedy with Robert De Niro in 1992 and other roles followed, including one opposite Bruce Willis in the regrettable Hudson Hawk and a cameo in Madonna's Truth Or Dare. She's done modeling assignments in Europe and a layout in PlayBoy- and was celebrated as a galpal sidekick to Madonna for awhile, appearing with her in concert before their well publicized falling out.

Sandra may be best known outside of club circles for her role on Roseanne as Nancy, the voluptuous slutty pal who discovers she's a lesbian after her failed marriage attempt to Arnie, a character played by Tom Arnold- Rosanne's real life hubby at the time and the voice of "Cupid" on the Herc series. {And to think- Walt Disney fired ex-Mousketeer Annette Funicello from any future productions for starring in those Beach Blanket Bingo movies.....too dirty for the Disney image. My, how times have changed.}

Bernhard also found time to work on a singing career releasing her first solo debut "I'm Your Woman" in 1985 and in 1988 she starred in her Off Broadway one woman show "Without You I'm Nothing," which was made into a movie shortly afterwards.

In 1998 she starred in another production "I'm Still Here Dammit!!!!" and continues to sing, perform club dates and work on movie projects. Last summer she headlined The Sandra Bernhard Experiance on A and E Network hosting her own talkshow.

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