"I guess I can Worry now.........

Feisty, gruff and surly, the disenchanted goat-man trainer Philoctedes lives alone on an island dotted with the romantic ruins of a bygone Age of Heroes. Phil's a failure- but he does his best to hide it....he's never trained One warrior that could go the distance- in his opinion.Theseus.....Odysseus......Perseus......{ "a lotta Wusses"} all had their down-falls in the end {not to mention Jason and Achilles!} and, embittered by his depressing record, Phil is content to hide out far from the haunts of man and brood, living in the shattered head of a bronze colossus amidst a pile of antique military souvenirs.....until Hercules enters his life.

Sent by Zeus to continue his training and learn the ropes, Herc ingratiates himself with the crusty little satyr and lives with him on the island where his superhuman strengh and cosmic clumsiness are not a threat to the townsfolk {everything's broken already} and he has all the privacy he needs to make his rookie mistakes. Phil becomes Herc's mentor, father confessor and Dutch Uncle all in one-in fact, with the exception of a good fescue casserole and the occasional nymph zipping by his entire life is centered on Herc, whom he comes to love like a son. Phil is slightly spooked by Cassandra, whose independent streak and morbid intelligence intimidate him- bimbo nymphs are much more his style. And he harbours a cordial contempt for Icarus, whose undisiplined wackiness threatens to undermine all that careful training. Nevertheless he grudgingly recognizes Ick's unflagging devotion to Herc and so he tolerates him......barely ........most of the time......




Hollywood star Danny Devito- the voice of Phil in the Hercules movie- did not do the show.....amazingly the series voice for Phil was provided by TV actor Robert Castellano, who, apparently, was separated at birth from Mr. Devito!


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