"He's a Magnificent horse........with the brain ....of a bird"

Disney's Pegasus {not the real one}was born on Olympus.....manifested from creamy cirrus clouds at Zeus'es command. He's created as the ultimate birthday gift for baby Herc, and from the moment they meet they become lifelong friends. In the movie he developes into a ditzy second banana with a mischievious streak and a talent for pantomime. {Ellen Woodbury, the lead animator for Pegasus at Disney described him as being "an aristocratic goofball."}

In the series, however, they smartened him up considerably and to be honest Pegasus has more common sense than the rest of the human cast put together. He courageously follows his master wherever he's needed even though it's usually obvious to him that he's the first one to realize this was a Bad Idea in the first place. Although he does'nt speak he can understand everything that's said to him and firmly makes his opinions felt with a stamp of a hoof or a toss of his mane.With his sidekick duties usurped by Icarus and Cassandra Pegasus'es role in the series dwindled down to that of semi-divine taxicab. Nevertheless the noble steed remains Herc's trusty and faithful companion, watching out for him and his friends, helping out on the rescues and providing many adorably humorous sidenotes along the way.



Frank Welker

Veteran voiceover star Frank Welker {known as the "Voice God" in Hollywood} provided the whinnies,whimpers and snorts for Pegasus .....as well as the various sounds for a few other Herc characters-including Cerebus (Hades Underworld Guard Dog} the 7 Headed Hydra and Leydon, the son of Echidna {the one described as being ......"seven miles of living gullet"}.



This Pegasus upgrade has been made possible by the Kyria Corporation

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