~Bob the Narrator~

"You'll just have to trust me on this one, folks...."

We never do get to see him....... the owner of that humorously pompous voice that opens nearly every episode and punctuates nearly every adventure with benignly snide commentary. He's "Bob the Narrator" - and his job is to set the stage for the show's action and exchange good natured quips with the sassy, sexy Muses as they climb and play around the amphoras. {Amphorias?Amphorae? Hmm..... better look it up} Wonderfully voiced by veteran actor Robert Stack {Charleton Heston did the honors in the film version} Bob is always attempting to inject a little erudition into the proceedings but the Muses make sure he doesn't get too far.The tongue -in- cheek banter is very reminiscent of old Rocky and BullWinkle Show.....which was sort of a distant Neanderthal ancestor of Herc's. It was the first cartoon series in which characters would regularly {and self -consciously} step out of role, blurt out non-sequitors, argue with THEIR narrator{ or the animator,} subject each other to mind numbing puns and in general, "break the 4th wall"- looking out to the viewer for sympathy and understanding {a specialty of Hades and Ick's !}The Narrator added just one more fun dimension to the show and yes....Robert Stack even got a chance to sing-and not too badly-in "The Assassin". He performed the little ditty "Pericles of Athens"..........And,well....um....gee................No one got hurt!


~Robert Stack~


Robert Modini was born January 13, 1919 in Los Angeles California. His father was a wealthy business man. As a teen Robert was bitten by the show biz bug while giving skeet shooting lessons to such Hollywood luminaries as Carole Lombard and Clark Gable. After graduating from the University of Southern California at age 20 he landed his first film role in 1939 with Deanna Durbin in "First Kiss" and went on to a successful career starring in literally dozens of mostly grade B movies and establishing himself as a Hollywood "tough guy". He earned an Oscar nomination for "Written on the Wind" in 1956. His most famous role was on TV as the steely jawed humorless Elliot Ness in "The Untouchables"{1959-1963} although younger viewers might remember him best spoofing his "tough guy" image in the movie "Airplane" {1980}and as the host of TV's "Unsolved Mysteries"{1988-1997}. We regret to announce that Mr. Stack passed away of natural causes on May 14, 2003.

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