"What good is Immortality if you don't test it once in a while?"


Everyone loves Hermes. Despite his odd...well....yes... even slightly creepy appearance.... the little blue Messenger God of Olympus possesses a witty, charming and kindly nature. He spends most of his time as Zeuse's personal envoy, flitting between Heaven and Earth. He carries messages, brings consolation, gives advice, pats down ruffled feathers and smoothes the path for man and immortal alike. He's the Conscience of the show.... and helps Herc get around more than one problem with his diplomatic good humour and common sense. He's not a complete angel of course-he's got his sly side- and he's not above a fib or two if the end justifies the means. But for the most part the levelheaded Hermes {speaking exclusively in a weirdly cornball beatnik patter} is eminently trustworthy. He's Herc's friend and confidente, a loving {if slightly strange} uncle figure Our Hero can count on when things are like...."Totally nutty, Man" and "Really" Out There."



Paul Schaffer

For the last twenty years or so years Paul Shaffer has been best known as being, respectively, the sidekick of and musical director for comedian David Letterman and The Tonight Show. Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada on November 28 in 1949 Paul grew up playing in rock and roll bands and graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in sociology and philosophy. Mr Shaffer's had an amazingly eclectic career in show biz which includes producing and directing Broadway shows, acting in movies and television, touring with bands and producing albums. He played keyboards in the Saturday Night Live orchestra {as well as performing on the show} and was the musical director for The Blues Brothers. He co -wrote the 80's monster dance hit "It's Raining Men" {performed by The Weather Girls}and has recorded with such diverse artists as Diana Ross, Yoko Ono and Robert Plant. He had bit parts in "Scrooged,""Look Who's Talking Too" and "This is Spinal Tap" and is the voice of Dr. Zarkov in the animated TV series Flash Gordon- but you know we love him best, of course, as the voice of the kindly messenger god in Disney's Hercules film and TV show.

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