"If a Hero hears of a Wrong to be Righted... he should Right that Wrong..... uh...... right?"


Well, by now you know the story..... trapped on earth by Hades' fiendish plotting young Hercules, the son of Zeus, must live his life out as a mortal and mere demi-god unless he can prove his worth as a hero to Mt. Olympus and the rest of the world.

Towards that end he lives on an island with his loyal trainer Philoctetes the satyr and works hard to achieve his lofty goals - to become the greatest hero Greece has ever known and to take back his place amongst the gods. But man does not live by muscle alone ...every mortal mind needs fuel. Zeus orders Phil to enroll his son at the Prometheus Academy, Greece's finest institution of learning, so that his intellectual skills rival his physical prowess. And it is here that Herc meets up with some of the greatest challenges of his life,{and certainly the most embarassing ones}with all their trials, heartaches, and humiliations...................HIGH SCHOOL !

Despite his divine connections Herc's not too popular, and he has a tough time fitting in. His freakish strength-- coupled with his extraordinary clumsiness-- make him a natural target for adolescent scorn, and his sweet, naive, Boy Scout personality would rub teens the wrong way in any millenium.To make matters worse his evil Uncle Hades is perpetually plotting to undermine the hero in some way and never misses out on a chance to do him in....or at least seriously mess up his week{A bit of a glitch, there, between series and movie, and never really explained. In the movie Hades is unaware of Herc's existance right up unto his 18th birthday but in the series he battles him all throughout highschool..... but, eh...we still adore the show, warts-and- all} Anyhow- despite all these obstacles Herc does have a warm and loving -if somewhat extended-family to turn to.There's Phil, the crusty little satyric coach who keeps him in line, his caring adoptive parents back on the farm in Arcadia, his loyal and trusty sidekick Pegasus the magical flying horse...and Father Zeus keeps a distant but loving eye on his boy from above. And, of course, Herc's got the two best friends anyone could ever ask for...the insanely optimistic Icarus and his beloved, grimly manic-depressive Cassandra {eh.....it works for them} Together the three pals battle monsters, maturity{and sometimes each other} on that rocky road to adulthood.

Tate Donovan on being HERCULES~

"When you audition you don't know what they want.The director says Herc's young, he's eager- and he wants to do what's right-and you just wing it. I'd never done voiceover work before so I just forgot everything I normally think about when acting for the camera and went for it. Herc runs the fine line between being ambitious and trying to do the right thing. I struggle with that too. I want to be sucessful and still be a good human being."



The adorable star of "Hercules" was born on September 25, 1963, the youngest in a family of six whose mom Eileen was a homemaker and whose dad Timothy a heart surgeon.Tate attended the University of Southern California majoring in Drama and, like series co- star Jennifer Jason Leigh {Tempest} he's carved out a comfortable living for the last two decades playing troubled vulnerable youths or weirdo nerds in scores of TV films like "Into Thin Air""G Men From Hell" ,"Clean and Sober" and "4 am -Open All Night". His first serious feature film was "Space Camp" in 1988 - and the big break came playing a cocky young airman in "Memphis Belle"in 1991. Other movies include "The Only Thrill,","Holy Matrimony", "Inside Monkey Zetterland", "Equinox", "Ethan Frome" and "Love Potion No. 9." He's also done dozens of guest appearances on such top shows as Friends {he dated Jennifer Aniston{Galatea} for a time and keeps busy with Broadway projects {he was voted "one of the ten sexiest Broadway stars of 1999"} for his role in "Amy's View" opposite Judi Dench. Tate plays fiddle with an Irish fiddle band called "The Maguffins" and starred as "Jimmy Cooper" in the Fox Networks hit show "The OC". For more info on Tate and his recent filmography check out the link below.


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