"I just Adore the *beans* out of him!!!"

She's gorgeous, she's blonde, she's giggly, she's adorable..... the most popular girl at Prometheus Academy. She's Helen Of Troy.....the legendary beauty of the Ancient World ....and she's in Herc's math class! Helen, to be sure, is an annoying, sugary bubble head, and the polar opposite of the cynical Cassandra, but the two gals do share something in common.... an appreciation for Our Young Hero and a sense that he could be the start of something big.
The trouble is- Helen's not overly bright, not particularly liberated and far too busy attending to Adonis'es ego {a full time job}to really pay too much attention to Herc.......{who wouldn't mind the attention!} Helen and Adonis are the established royalty of Prometheus Academy. She's a fitting consort to the gorgeous and privileged Prince, although she's a lot nicer than he is. To her credit she does try to keep him in line -at least some of the time-and usually without too much success. But occaisionally she'll stand up to him {even bubbleheads have their limit} by saying something vicious like-"You've done some really Not-Nice things in your day Adonis- but joining the Lord of the Dead *Really* takes the cake"! Voiced by Jodie Benson- who had her own star featured run as Ariel in Disney's Little Mermaid movie and TV series-{there are 5 Little Mermaid character cameos in Hercules- have you found them yet?}Helen counterbalances all the other rather scary little gals in the cast with her sweet fluttering femininity.{And she reminds me a lot of Judy Jetson!} Although her role in the series is small-it's pivotal{she makes a wonderful damsel in distress}And no one was going to miss a chance to let Jodie sing-her vocal tribute to Herc in The Big Show- "You're My Hero" is a highlight of the episode.


~Jodie Benson~

Jodi Benson had no serious interest in getting into animated features when she tried out for the lead in The Little Mermaid- and it was a year before she was called back and informed she'd won the role over 600 other actresses. Her performance as Ariel helped catapult the fortunes of Disney Studios back up to the top after a decade of lackluster productions with Mermaid being the first animated feature to break 100 million dollars at the box office and becoming an instant universally beloved classic. The movie spawned a TV series, at least two sequels and countless spinoffs including toys, novelties, albums, books, audio tapes, theme park rides, computer games, videoclip compilations..... nearly 20 years later the merchandise is still going strong, and in fact, Disney is currently revving up a Broadway show based on the movie that spurred their Rennaissance. One things's for sure, whatever Jodi does for the rest of her career, she'll probably always be known as Ariel, the sexy, adorable, kooky little mermaid who's become as much a symbol of Disney as Tinkerbell herself.

Born in 1961 in Rockford, Illinois Jodi was blessed with an amazingly pure sweet voice that landed her on Broadway in 1983 when she made her debut in "Marulyn- An American Fable." She toured extensively with theater groups doing West Side Story, Sophisticated Ladies and Once Upon a Mattress. The role of Ariel opened up many doors for her in the voiceover industry and Jodi's voice can be heard in "Thumbelina", The Hanna Barbara series "Pirates of Darkwater", "Flubber"," Lady and the Tramp II-Scamps Adventure," "The Mighty Kong" and "Look Who's Talking Too." She's the voice of Barbie in the Toy Story movies. A deeply religious woman, Jodi records children's Bible stories for Guide Post Junction- a Christian Video series for kids and has won numerous awards. She's married and gave birth to her first son in 1999.

In one of the many little "insider winks" you find in the Herc series, Helen of Troy is cast as a mermaid in the Homecoming Parade in "Son Of Poseidon"

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Helen of Troy copyright Disney-art courtesy of Tracey Pierce

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