I think it's written down somewhere that every school must have it's token bigshot-showoff- patrician- class bully, and Prometheus Academy is no exception. Prince Adonis- heir to the Thracian Throne and self-annointed school royalty- fills the bill admirably.

Gorgeous, bronzed, blond, and super rich {did I mention he was heir to the Thracian Throne?}Prince Adonis never goes anywhere without his entourage of servants and hangers-on that he effortlessly orders around for the sheer unadulterated heck of it.{Face it-if he could hire people to breathe for him he would.}Until the arrival of Hercules at Pro Ac Icarus was his main target for pushing around and humiliating {"Oh Icky!! Destiny calls!"}but after Herc enrolls Adonis transfers his cruel intentions to the young hero and uses every chance he can to make life miserable for him, often taking advantage of Herc's good nature and noble qualities.Proud, arrogant, snotty and shallow, Adonis can be charming and funny as well, but although he occasionally shows streaks of decency here and there, he is, at heart, a coward and a bully,and more than fulfills Ick's sad little dictum "Kids can be cruel- Some more than others" Or as Zeus would put it-"That kid is practically wearing a *Smite Me* sign."


Dietrich Bader- on being Adonis

"Doing voiceovers is extremely fun because you're actually inside the actor's brain. I mean, you're in this dark little room, you're only speaking into a microphone, there's no cameras or anything, and you can play anyone you want. Voiceovers allow you to play a lot of characters that you otherwise wouldn't get the chance to play in Hollywood. You can be anybody -- young, old, whatever. You can be Adonis, for God's sake!"



A tall, rangy American actor with dark curly hair, {and seemingly a very -down -to- earth- likable guy} Diedrich Bader is best known for playing the obtuse but lovable loser Oswald on the popular ABC sitcom The Drew Carey Show { where he's the polar opposite of the presumptous and arrogant Prince!} Bader was born on December 24, 1966 in Alexandria ,Virginia.The son of Chief of Staff for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee William Bader and noted sculptor/painter Gretta Bader he spent his childhood in Paris, France, where, as a four-year-old, he made his impromptu stage debut during the showing of an old Chaplin film. The movie accidentally caught fire, Bader spontaneously assumed the stage and began imitating Chaplin's Tramp; when he received a standing ovation the future Adonis just knew he had to become an actor. He attended high school back in the States and then enrolled in the North Carolina School of the Arts. He was discovered by a casting director while vacationing in New Mexico and won the lead role in a sitcom pilot that never aired. Still, Bader went to Hollywood to make the audition rounds and soon became a guest star on television series ranging from Quantum Leap to Cheers. Bader made his feature film debut playing Jethro in the 1993 inexplicable remake of The Beverly Hillbillies -he also appeared in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins, Baby Blues, Office Space and Teresa's Tattoo. Star Trekkers will recognize him in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode- he was a technical crewman in The Emissary. Since raising hackles as the snotty Adonis on Hercules, Dietrich {whose voice, when he lets it- sounds just like chocolate dripping on velvet } has done a boatload of cartoon characters for dozens of shows including Grim & Evil, Kim Possible,Teamo Supremo,The Legend of Tarzan, The Simpsons, Batman Beyon, Lloyd in Space and yes- he was one of the evilly plotting saber tooth tigers in Ice Age.

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Adonis imagery copyright Walt Disney Co. Art work by Sara, inking by Tracey Pierce

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