Herc's magical dreamgirl

"When we're together..... it's like Mt. Olympus on Earth!!!!"

Starring in.... The Dream Date

Ok, so she's got issues....{who on this show has'nt??} she's a little needy, so she's a bit of a clinger, so she can walk across the bottom of the sea bed to wreak her revenge and will kill anyone who glances at Herc sideways, that does'nt have to spell the end of a great romance, does it??? Well...yeah.....kinda. When Hercules fails to find a date for the Aphrodesia Dance, he takes a page out of old Professor Pygmalion's book and creates his own Dreamdate from clay, invoking Aphrodite's help in bringing her to life and creating a dazzling companion justifiably considered, in Icarus'es opinion, to be "a real keeper!!" With just one little problem....her personality. She does'nt have any. Or, at least, one you want to spend any time with. The real Pygmalion myth is a pleasent, mild and somewhat uneventful anecdote in which a famous sculptor makes a wish that his perfect girl statue comes to life, she does so and they live happily ever after. But Herc's got his hands full when the clinging, lovesick need machine called Galatea falls hopelessly head over heels for our hero and turns his life upside down, nearly destroying Prometheus Academy in the process and almost ending her own life. Fortunately Aphrodite comes to the rescue at the last moment and Galatea is saved, Prometheus Academy is spared and Herc discovers that relationships are a two way street that can only be navigated with respect, free will and independence. Who knew?!!?



"When somebody follows you 20 blocks to the pharmacy to watch you buy toilet paper, you know your life has changed."

Jennifer Aniston is best known for her starring role as Rachel on the enormously popular long running hit sitcom Friends, a TV series she also shared, co-incidently, with Lisa Kudrow {Aphrodite} and frequent guest star Tate Donovan {who not only played Herc of course, but also dated Jennifer for three years in real life.} Jennifer was born in Sherman Oaks, CA on February 11th, 1969. She is of Greek descent and spent a year living there with her family when she was a child. The daughter of a soapstar and a fashion model....and goddaughter to the late Telly Savalas- Jennifer had showbusiness in her blood and plenty of chances to hone her craft in New York City when her dad John Aniston landed a role on the daytime drama "Love Of Life" and later on "Days of Our Lives".
At age eleven, she was accepted into Rudolf Steiner School's Drama Club. Jennifer says, "I was always fascinated by acting, but my experience at Rudolf Steiner encouraged me to pursue it as a career. Steiner was a free-spirited school that encouraged creativity and individualism."

After she graduated in 1987, she got roles in the Off-Broadway productions "For Dear Life" and "Dancing on Checker's Grave". In 1989 she got her first television role as a regular on "Molloy". She also has had regular roles on "The Edge" and "Ferris Bueller"(the TV show), along with a recurring part on "Herman's Head", and appearances on "Quantum Leap" and "Burke's Law". She has starred in over 2 dozen films ranging from "Leprechaun" to "She's The One."

In 1994 Jennifer landed the part in "Friends" that would make her a household name and one of the best loved and easily recognized actresses of her generation, and in 2000 she married actor Brad Pitt. Unfortunately she was divorced early in 2005 and the relentless tidal wave of nonstop gossip from Hollywood has turned her into the official mascot of the Weekly World News and somewhat diminished her chances at landing roles with any real integrity for the moment.

Imagery copyright Walt Disney Co........artwork by Tracey Pierce

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