'"IT'S OUR X YEAR!!!!!!!!!!"


.......And Welcome!! to the Officially Unofficial Disney's Hercules TV Show website - a page dedicated to that unsung masterpiece "Disney's Hercules -The TV Series"...... and all the fans who watched it. We're hoping we have created a place where we can meet old friends and make new ones - and provide anyone who's interested with information on one of the most delightful, inventive and witty TV cartoons to come along in years.

First debuting in late August of 1998 on ABC Disney's Hercules was sadly canceled in October of 1999 {it's a long story} and wound up on Toon Disney where it aired for about 7 years before disappearing back into the Disney vaults for good. If you are not familiar with the TV series- and assuming you've seen Hercules the movie - you might want to rent or buy a copy of Disney's Zero to Hero tape, a video compilation of several episodes establishing the premise of the series which introduces a whole new cast of wonderful characters {as well as fleshing out the great ones you already met in the movie.}

So, stick around and join us! If you loved this remarkably original show and have all these great memories don't hesitate to share them. If you hated the show .......well ....we're always up for a good fight! {just remember- Hades is on our team} And if you've got questions, we're happy to make up the answers as we go along. But be warned...as you enter these divine portals to explore the wigged-out world of Hercules and his friends.......this is Not your father's Disney!!!

Hey fans,Trivia here, any one interested in downloading the whole Herc series can do so now, we have the link to the torrent. Send us an email, Taraterm2@aol.com

"OK, Rookies....we've resized the site....so now's the time to remember Hero Rule 5,876........set yer abacus to 1152-864 before ya visit...{or...whatever works for ya}.....and since Zeus did not create all browsers alike I strongly suggest that you feast yer peepers using Netscape or Microsoft Explorer or whatever you mortals call it.....keep yer speakers on and yer screen's maximized.......hmmm....we're kinda heavy on pixel packed imagery here so ya might wanna be patient while we're loading down.....{Hey... ya want it fast or ya want it good?} They're not buildin' Rome in a day ya know.......and...... oh yeah....remember that this site is based on "myth" information recreated from the Disney's Hercules TV Series which is a few sandwiches short of a picnic if ya know what I mean so don't get all bent out of shape if you run into a "myth-take" or two.......just feel free to check out any of the 120,000 legitimate Greek mythology sites online....Or.....check out our Real Myths link if ya want the unofficial, private tour hosted by the show's cast. Umm...what else??? ..ooh!!! right!.... they want me to remind you that this here site's rated PG-13........OK? There's nothing too zippy here...{not by a satyr's standards, anyhoo}......but ya just might wanna keep that in mind!!!!!


{New Updates coming soon!!!!}


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