"Greetings, Greetings.....Mr. Parenthesis here.....and as you know{or you should by now} *I* am your School Guidance Counselor....and I have been asked {by the fools who created this site} to tell you that they have catalogued {for your edification and perusal} the complete list of episodes officially produced for the Disney's Hercules TV Show complete with the original airdates so you can figure out exactly where you were the day you completely missed seeing them. {Here they are.} Unfortunately for us {especially me, because I star in one of them} three of the episodes {The Big Lie, The Hostage Crisis and The World's First Doctor } have been withdrawn from the lineup and are never broadcast any more, probably due to complaints from parents that the light hearted irreverent approach to the subject matter of these episodes....{spreading poisonous germs to boost Hade's soul index and school hostage taking by armed titans} might give kids bad ideas in Real Life.They may have a point. Although to be honest, very few teenage psychopaths get their ideas from watching Disney cartoons. {At least, they'd never admit to it. It would'nt look good at the meetings.} At any rate, here's the list, complete and unabridged. Enjoy."


    Hercules....And The Apollo Mission

    (Originally Aired 8/31/1998)

    Hercules.... And The King Of Thessaly

    (Originally Aired 9/1/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Secret Weapon

    (Originally Aired 9/2/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Assassin

    (Originally Aired 9/3/1998)

    Hercules.....And The Big Kiss

    (Originally Aired 9/4/1998)

    Hercules.... And The River Styxx

    (Originally Aired 9/7/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Techno Greeks

    (Originally Aired 9/8/1998)

    Hercules.... And The World's First Doctor

    (Originally Aired 9/9/1998)


    Hercules.... And The Pool Party

    (Originally Aired 9/10/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Prince Of Thrace

    (Originally Aired 9/11/1998)

    Hercules..... And The Tapestry Of Fate

    (Originally Aired 9/14/1998)

    Hercules ....And The Living Legend

    (Originally Aired 9/15/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Return Of Typhon

    (Originally Aired 9/16/1998)

    Hercules..... And The Owl Of Athens

    (Originally Aired 9/17/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Girdle Of Hippolyte

    (Originally Aired 9/18/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Bacchanal

    (Originally Aired 9/21/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Underworld Takeover

    (Originally Aired 9/23/1998)

    Hercules ....And The Comedy Of Arrows

    (Originally Aired 9/29/1998)

    Hercules....And The Hostage Crisis

    (Originally Aired 10/2/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Disappearing Heroes

    (Originally Aired 10/5/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Argonauts

    (Originally Aired 10/8/1998)

    Hercules ....And The Drama Festival

    (Originally Aired 10/14/1998)

    Hercules ......And The Phil Factor

    (Originally Aired 10/16/1998)

    Hercules..... And The All Nighter

    (Originally Aired 10/21/1998)

    Hercules..... And The Song Of Circe

    (Originally Aired 10/29/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Trojan War

    (Originally Aired 10/30/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Dream Date

    (Originally Aired 11/2/1998)

    Hercules....And The Big Games

    (Originally Aired 11/4/1998)

    Hercules..... And The Jilt Trip

    (Originally Aired 11/6/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Falling Stars

    (Originally Aired 11/10/1998)

    Hercules..... And The Golden Touch

    (Originally Aired 11/12/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Minotaur

    (Originally Aired 11/13/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Son Of Poseidon

    (Originally Aired 11/16/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Twilight Of The Gods

    (Originally Aired 11/18/1998)

    Hercules..... And The Griffin

    (Originally Aired 11/20/1998)

    Hercules....And The King For A Day

    (Originally Aired 11/24/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Pegasus Incident

    (Originally Aired 11/25/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Big Sink

    (Originally Aired 12/11/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Big Lie

    (Originally Aired 12/16/1998)

    Hercules .....And The Prom

    (Originally Aired 12/21/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Spartan Experience

    (Originally Aired 1/4/1999)

    Hercules.... And The Complex Electra

    (Originally Aired 1/13/1999)

    Hercules ....And The Long Nightmare

    (Originally Aired 2/8/1999)

    Hercules....And The Arabian Night

    (Originally Aired 2/10/1999)

    Hercules.... And The Aetolian Amphora

    (Originally Aired 2/12/1999)

    Hercules.... And The Romans

    (Originally Aired 2/15/1999)

    Hercules.... And The Yearbook

    (Originally Aired 2/17/1999)

    Hercules ....And The Odyssey Experience

    (Originally Aired 2/1999)

    Hercules ...And The Grim Avenger

    (Originally Aired 2/22/1999)

    Hercules ....And The Spring Of Canathus

    (Originally Aired 2/24/1999)

    Hercules ....And The Big Show

    (Originally Aired 2/26/1999)

    And The Tiff On Olympus

    (Originally Aired 3/1/1999)

    Hercules.... And The First Day Of School

    (Originally Aired 9/12/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Visit From Zeus

    (Originally ....Aired 9/19/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Driving Test

    (Originally Aired 9/26/1998)

    Hercules ....And The Parent's Weekend

    (Originally Aired 10/3/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Prometheus Affair

    (Originally Aired 10/10/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Hero Of Athens

    (Originally Aired 10/17/1998)

    Hercules ....And The Caledonian Boar

    (Originally Aired 10/31/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Epic Adventure

    (Originally Aired 11/7/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Poseidon's Cup Adventure

    (Originally Aired 11/14/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Muse Of Dance

    (Originally Aired 11/21/1998)

    Hercules.... And The Kids

    (Originally Aired 11/28/1998)

    Hercules.....And The Gorgon

    (Originally Aired 1/9/1999)

    Hercules.... And The Green-Eyed Monster

    (Originally Aired 1/16/1999



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