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"Love in the Ancient World"...Can these relationships be saved??? {......probably not.....}

Oedipus and his Mom, Queen Jocasta

"That's my Sonny Boy!!!!!!!"

A tragic prophecy drove this guy's kingly father to abandon him at birth.... but the kid still grew up to kill his old man, marry his own mother, and sire his own siblings. Yuck!!!!......He's blinded himself as this all bad??? Are we overreacting here???? Should these two be allowed to keep their love "all in the family??" She's OK with it if he is -join our studio audience today as we look at this Complex relationship and ponder such pertinent issues as...... "Who the hell Paid For "THAT" Wedding?"



Orpheus and Euridice

"Always the same old song........"

He was a red hot music star- she was the nymph of his dreams. A tragic snake bite and a totally boneheaded inability to follow the SIMPLEST directions tore these two lovers apart for Eternity !!! Can this relationship be saved?? She says she wants to give it a try- but he's not so sure about his feelings.........Is he willing to reaffirm his deathless vows of love??? Or is he just a hopeless lyre???


Selene and Endymion

"He never takes me anywhere."

Lately they've been having problems. She's a Goddess of the Moon who fell in love with a gorgeous young shepard and wanted to keep him alive and beautiful forever. He was placed under a permanent sleeping spell and hidden in a cave for Eternity but that did not stop her love-....she's visited him faithfully every night for decades and has given birth to 50 daughters. Still...Selene's becoming increasingly unhappy with their relationship and today's show we'll try to help by addressing these questions and more.....

Does Selene have control issues???

Is fooling around in a coma any fun whatsoever???

Does this guy ever get a bath???

Who's taking care of all the sheep?

Was there maybe a slightly better way to manage all this??

Join us as we explore this sensitive relationship to see if they can improve their communication and then wake up Endymion to tell him he has 50 kids.

Images based on or recreated from Disney Hercule's characters copyright Walt Disney Company.....Selene design courtesy of work by Tracey Pierce


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