Based on and inspired by the Disney's Hercules episode "The Big Show" we asked ourselves........"so...... what if Hades really DID have his own talkshow series? Would it be picked up by the Abysmal Broadcasting Corporation {ABC}? Would he get to interview famous people from mythology???? What would he ask??? What would they answer??? What kind of ratings would he get??? And how did Gummi Bears get stuck in my keyboard???" These.... and many other burning issues are addressed in the following pages as we ponder Hade's talents on Tartarus Vision{well, they always did call it a Wasteland}and meet his Very Special Guests from very long ago.......

Hades interviews guests Echo and Narcissus

Hades interviews guests Arachne and Athena

"Coming Attraction" Promos

Hades Show Ratings Crisis!!

Hades Interviews Gaston

Disney Herc Imagery belongs to the Walt Disney Co. and was used without their written permission. Artwork by Tracey Pirerce and Sara Rase

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