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Tales dedicated to the TV series

Welcome to our fanfic page where we present fanfics {duh!} inspired by the characters of the Disney's Hercules TV series......{some are original, and some are novelizations of actual episodes} as well as a few other literary curiosities...which we are starting to illustrate with original art.{We love to get input from fans so if anyone ever feels inspired to draw something that matches any of this stuff feel free to send it in. Also we are always looking for people who like to color, too!! And of course, we would love to expand our fanfic collection as well, so if you have written one you would like to share let us know....just post us at taraterm2@aol.com

Novelizations of Actual Episodes

The following eps are the legal property of The Disney Corporation and used Without their written permission for the entertainment of all you fans.{ All 12 of you.} We only threw in a few extra paragraphs here and there to describe stuff and make it an easier read and to explain what was going on. And we added *some* dialogue that we sincerely hope is in the spirit of the show. And there's a couple of violently kinky sex scenes, ok, ok, there's no sex scenes. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention....

Hercules......and The First Day Of School

Herc meets new friends Icarus and Cassandra on his first day at Pro Ac.....and has an adventure with a cyclops

Hercules.....and The Big Lie

On Cassandra's advice Herc lies to Icarus in order to get out of going to a stupid comic scroll convention...but learns the real importance of friendship and telling the truth.

Hercules....and The Tapestry Of Fate

Herc and Icarus get more than they bargained for when they reweave The Tapestry Of Fate in order to score hot concert tickets....and Hades gets in on the deal!!!!

Hercules .......and The Dream Date

With a li'l help from Icarus, Herc designs his perfect dream gal from clay in art class...but forgets to give her one thing....Personality!!! and his ultimate dream girl becomes an ultimate nightmare.Good thing Aphrodite's on hand to set him straight!!!

Hercules...... and The World's First Doctor

Herc and Icarus help Dr Hippocrates cure the plague...and invent the HMO!!!

Hercules ......and The Hostage Crisis

Titan terrorists take over Prometheus Academy, and it's up to Hercules and Mr Parenthesis to rescue the student body in time!

Hercules .....and The Trojan War

Helen of Troy's been kidnapped!!! and it's up to Hercules and his friends to save her...with a little help from Icarus'es wacky new invention


And now....original fanfic from our Herc fans.........starting with a tale of love, tolerance and acceptance when Herc and his friends meet up with half man/half woman Hermaphroditus........

Hercules...and The Hermaphrodite

*This story was inspired by the gag pic Hercules and The Hermaphrodite which was thought up by Tara and drawn by Tracey Pierce, as a joke. The more we thought about it, the more we thought, wow, this really IS a good idea for a fanfic...so we wrote it. Rated PG13. Hope you enjoy!!

Hercules and the Curse of Megara

So how did a smart cookie like Meg wind up in the Underworld to begin with?? Could she have been cursed by Medea for accidental boyfriend stealing??

Hercules and the Pharoh's Queen

Herc can't be killed by mortal means, so Hades and an evil queen plot to drive him insane and kill his own family..... can Meg, Cass and Icarus save him before it's too late???

Hercules..... and The Marathon!!!!

Hercules has to think of a way to keep Atalanta from winning the Marathon...with a lil godly intervention from Aphrodite.....

Hercules.... and The 12 Days of Saturnalia

So How Can ancient pagans celebrate Christmas??????

My Fair Hades

Our take on the Hades/ Persephone tale...but watch out, it's got a Herkish ending!!!!!!

Hercules.... and The Forbidden Planet

An old {but very cute} short one act play written upon the discovery that Pluto the planet was being downsized...and Hades is not too happy about it....


When Hades tries to star Meg in Disney's Cinderella sequel all hell lets loose!!!!!

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