Salutations, Babe!!!!! and Welcome to the Episode list and Review we have posted, like, all 65 chapters on the Hercules saga, and these include the three rare episodes that are seldom......if ever... aired on TV due to parental concerns...... The Big Lie, The Hostage Crisis and The World's First Doctor. In case you missed them, Herc fan Halcyon has written up the scripts as fanfic and we edited them just a snooch, so now you can click on the appropriate titles below and read for yourself the further adventures of Hercules, Icarus and the rest of the gang back home in little old Athens, Greece, 500 BC.

{Oh yes, and Herc-nut Natalie has been posting screengrabs from the TV show for us on Photobucket, so if you want to see even more pics of your fave eps, you might find them here}



Please note: we have integrated our new Olive Rating System. Instead of using Suns or Stars we're using Olives { 'cause Ah Luvs the show so much} Refer to chart below.


~The Chart Below~

Makes the decade worthwhile

Worth pushing the kids off the couch for

Quirky but inventive and entertaining

More for kids, but still good solid fun

Still 150,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times better than Dragon Ball Z . {But then, what is'nt??}

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