Megara didn't start out looking quite so glamorous. Beginning with Gerald Scarfe's preliminary character sketches and evolving past a number of different concepts Meg gradually took shape under the pencil of Ken Duncan, a Disney animator whose previous assignment had been bringing the eager young character of Thomas in "Pocahontus" to life.



"OK....... this isn't working......."



"Are you sure they know what they're doing?"


"What's with the Wonderbra?"




"Hmmmm......."somewhat" better....."


"Um...... OK..... we're getting there......"


"Meg's figure-especially through the midsection- shows striking simularity to the curvaceous outlines of a Greek vase. With her arms cocked on her hip her shape echoes the handle of a pot.Through the folds of Meg's skirt, a thin line at the top of the dress that flows into a slightly thicker line at the bottom- the viewer's eye is directed to look at the character-not past her- and also to travel in a single glance down the lengh of her gown.Borrowing from the principle of pleated flutes on a Greek colomn extra fold lines on the dress are created through simple repetition. Her hairstyle, too is conveyed by tiny repetitions that suggest volume and curls."

~Design suggestions for Megara, from "The Chaos of Creation-The Art of Disney's Hercules"



"OK...OK.. I admit it-

Not "Too" shabby!!"



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