Herculean Efforts!!!!!!

The next best thing to seeing a finished masterpiece is getting a glimpse of the ideas that went into it's making. On these following pages are illustrations from the book " The Chaos of Creation-The Art of Hercules" {from the movie, not the series- although obviously one was based on the other.}

These pictures give you a great peek at where the artists, animators and concept designers started out..... and where they ended up. "Hercules" was a departure from the traditional "lush" Disney approach---in keeping with it's hipper, slicker, comic feel the producers chose a more stylized, streamlined "cartooney look" reminescent of the Warner Brothers and largely inspired by the contribution of British characterist and illustrator Gerald Scarfe.This was, in retrospect, a tremendously dicey and experimental decision and many Disney fans disliked what they perceived as being an over-stylized, sloppy look whose character design bordered on the grotesque while diehard Scarfe lovers hated Disney's "cutesy pie" interpretation.

But First....

Herc TV Characters!!!

Recently we were super lucky to stumble on some rare TV prepro art.Gavin Dell was a Disney designer who worked on many Disney TV shows and Hercules was one of his favorites. Below, a sampling of some of the characters he helped to create.

................a Really gay Icarus in the style of Gerald Scarfe

Atlas from "Prince of Thrace"

Valkerie and Norse gods from "Twilight of the Gods"

Alexander the Great from "The Kids"

Big mean horse

Some background guy

Dadalous and Hercules from "The River Styxx"

Ra from "The Romans"

And now some movie stuff!!!!!!


....these early sketches of Herc, Meg and Phil give the characters a completely different persona.



Zeuse's temple

Inside Zeuse's temple

downtown sketch of Athens


The Muses












This giant catepillar thingie looked way too "1950's sci fi"


A rough pic used for blocking a scene

The directors decided on the traditional hydra to test Herc's worth


The Wind Titan.....I always thought this would make a cool poster


Many characters were thought up and discarded in the making of the film, some made it into the TV series {although not this guy}

an early concept pf Olympus

concept art of Olympus burning


an Olympic balcony


an ealry Cyclops version

Another Cyclops, closer to the movie version. Making him Hugely blubbery and naked added to the all-around disgusting factor

An early stab at Hermes and Dionysous{ Bacchus }



This Way To Hades Prepro Art


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