Now with 40% more evil!!!!!!!!!

This site is dedicated to that under-rated, short-lived, but wonderfully entertaining Disney TV show about the highschool adventures of our favorite Hero-in-Training, Hercules!
We created it for fans just discovering the wacky world of Hercdom as well as for those of you who saw and loved this remarkable series when it first aired briefly twelve years ago and were ab-normally sorry it had to end. So, whether you're a newbie-in-training or an old timer in need of a fix....Welcome Back, Baby!!! ...
Grab your ambrosia, pull up a triclinium and prepare to enter the world of Hercules and his friends at the height of Greece's Golden Age....

{Oh, and yes, we are working on a companion movie site, but be patient...Rome wasn't built in a day!!!

This fan site is dedicated to the Disney television series cartoon show "Disney's Hercules...The TV Series."All animation images, screen grabs, clip art and presskit illustrations are legal property of the Disney Corporation and used Without their written permission. All lyrics, quotes and info are original Disney....uh...except for the stuff that is'nt. The characters on this program are completely fictitious and any similarity between them and real life individuals living or dead is ....well, actually... a little scary.

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